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Integrated field-oriented control drive | Series DRVI

A precise, fast and versatile drive

A precise, fast and versatile drive

The Series DRVI integrated motor drive is designed to control various types of motors, both stepper and brushless, using a closed-loop control (FOC) algorithm. This algorithm, also known as vector control (FOC), offers better performance than traditional stepper motor control systems, which allows the stepper motor to operate over the entire speed range, ensuring fast acceleration and deceleration, assuring more accurate motion control with no loss of steps.

It is also more energy efficient than traditional control methods, as it uses precise rotor position feedback and controls the phase current, optimising motor operation.


  • Integrated solution: Encoder, motor, and drive all in one
  • Flexibility: Different operating modes - position, speed and torque
  • Energy efficient: Compared to traditional stepper motors
  • Precise positioning: With no loss of steps achieved through Field-Oriented Control
  • Different communication protocols: CANopen - Profinet - EtherCAT - Ethernet IP


The Series DRVI compact design and integration with the main communication protocols make the Series DRVI the ideal solution for various industrial applications that require accurate control and fast response to load variations.

  • Assembly & Robotics
  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Science

Assembly & Robotics Packaging Food & Beverage 

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