Optimizing your packaging process

Safer. Better. Faster. 


The packaging industry requires solutions that are high tech, efficient and flexible to create machines that are bespoke or highly customised to the tasks in hand. In order to offer a complete service that embraces both technology and expertise, Camozzi Automation collaborates with its customers to offer solutions and applications that optimise the production processes of the machines.

Camozzi Automation has built up vast experience and knowledge across the automation components industry and combined it with an understanding of different technologies for actuation and fluid control. Customers can access this to create a competitive advantage by developing optimum solutions for efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability.

The first phase of process and primary packaging is the most delicate one, as direct contact with the product (that may be, for example, food, pharmaceuticals or a cosmetic) requires solutions that avoids any form of contamination. It is also essential to ensure maximum reliability while maintaining the flexibility to process different products without reducing the overall efficiency of the equipment (OEE).

Primary packaging machines

  • Primary wrapping
  • Fillers and dosing devices
  • FFS (Form, Fill and Seal)
  • Cleaning machines

Camozzi solutions for primary packaging

  • Solenoid valve
  • Modular FRL
  • Stainless steel fitting

Primary packaging in practise

The next phase is represented by secondary packaging. Here the packaging is not in direct contact with the product but wraps or boxes one or more primary containers. After this, the packaging is closed and labelled, then passed on to the next process. Secondary processing requires very high production cycles. As a consequence, it is essential to use reliable, efficient and robust components.

Secondary packaging machines

  • Carton erecting machines
  • Wrapping machines
  • Sealing machines
  • Labellers

Camozzi solutions for secondary packaging

  • Valve island
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • Mini-cylinder
  • Multi-serial module

Secondary packaging in practise

In the last phase, tertiary packaging, two or more containers (primary and/or secondary) are packed together to form multi-packs, for safe and easy handling and to aid all subsequent logistical operations.

This phase is represented by large sized wrapping machines, palletisers, labellers and cartoning machines that work at lower speeds, but with larger loads. As a consequence, robust energy efficient solutions are needed.

Tertiary packaging machines

  • Wrapping machines
  • Palletizers 
  • Labellers
  • Cartoning machines

Camozzi solutions for tertiary packaging

  • Electromechanical cylinder and electromechanical axis
  • Compact cylinder
  • Parallel gripper
  • Proportional regulator

Tertiary packaging in practise

Control and handling technologies for every step of the production process

Every application along a production line has different requirements. These can be met through the use of pneumatic solutions, electromechanical technologies, or the integration of both.

Pneumatic technology is widely used in packaging machinery because it is compact, light and easy to clean. Electromechanical actuation is used in a complementary way, combining speed and acceleration with hyper-accurate positioning control.

Camozzi Automation’s range of standard products includes solid, reliable and efficient components that are suitable for use in the most complex systems and demanding environmental conditions.

Our aim is to offer solutions and integrated systems that can provide the highest reliability, productivity and flexibility in every step of the packaging process.


  • Optimisation of the production process
  • Increased performance
  • Maximum productivity and reliability
  • Customised solutions for every production phase
  • Integrated systems for Smart Industrial automation